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Ucalegon lives in our town.
"I hear that your house had burnt down.
The one with the porch on it?
Hun, how unfortunate.
All you have left is that gown?"

- Ove Ofteness

What's a Ucalegon?

According to the OED, a Ucalegon is a neighbour whose house is on fire. It comes from the Greek for "What-Me-Worry?" and is used in Homer's Iliad to tell how the Gods punish those "who heed not the (warning) eye of the gods."

The group Idyll Sword have a track on their album 'II' called 'Ucalegon Blues'. I don't know what it's like (guitars and sitars apparently), so if you've heard it (or you wrote it!) then let me know.

So why have you called your website ucalegon?
Well I had to call it something! And it's good practice to have an original name!