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Monday, 6th November, 2006
Graffiti spotting

This has to be the most insightful piece of graffiti I've ever seen:

coal is black

(Spotted on a toilet door in Prestatyn)


Wednesday, 13th September, 2006
The importance of ringing Idle

This year's peal tour was based around Derbyshire; we were centred in the village of Youlgrave (or Youlgreave). We stayed in the Farmyard pub (our room was called the Sheep Pen - the other two were the Pig Sty and the Cow Shed) which had one handpump serving Hardys & Hansons Olde Trip. We ate in the Bulls Head on the first night which did good food (if expensive) but the only beer they had was Bass or Pedigree, neither of which I'm all that fussed on. We spent the rest of the week in the George which had an excellent range of both food and beer.

Sunday's peal was at St Mary and All Saints church in Chesterfield, Derbyshire Surprise Royal. The bells were nice but hard work, and the method left a lot to be desired.

St Mary and All Saints church with its crooked spire

On Monday morning I went for a walk and found a geocache - really could have done with a map as it took me ages to find the correct path. A peal of minor was scored in the afternoon.

Tuesday started with a peal of Bristol followed by a lazy afternoon doing not much.

Wednesday morning included a trip along the Peak Rail followed by a peal attempt of Stedman Triples which was lost with about 20 minutes to go.

The locomotive on the Peak Rail

Thursday's peal of Double Norwich was scored in the morning followed by another afternoon doing little else but sleeping. Friday morning's peal of spliced was lost early on, but the successes resumed on Saturday morning with a peal of Idle S Major.

The rather ornamental clock in The George


Wednesday, 30th August, 2006
I visited the North Downs for some walking on the weekend of 18th August with David and Richard.

Richard and I stayed the Friday night in Leatherhead, sinking a few pints in the Edmund Tylney.

On Saturday morning we met up with David after breakfast and walked up Box Hill, finding a geocache on the way. We could see what appeared to be a church spire in the distance:

(I didn't take many photos, so I've only got crap ones like this to put up).

During our walk we encountered a water tower, which I neglected to take a photo of. I did, however, take a photo of the inscription we couldn't read from the path:

In the afternoon we got the train to Gomshall, and walked back along the North Downs Way to Box Hill again, before returning to Leatherhead for Showers, Beers and Currys. On our walk back we encountered the church we could see in the distance from Box Hill:

On Sunday we took the train down to Dorking, and walked to Leith Hill, the highest point in the South East of England. This is the tower at the top, which we also climbed:


Tuesday, 18th July, 2006
Squirrel watch

Each morning on my way to work I pass a cemetery which contains many trees. It's very rare that I do this and don't see a squirrel or two running around. However, that didn't stop me being surprised to wake up this morning to the sight of a rather overgrown squirrel waiting for the Oxfam shop opposite my flat to open.


Today, however, I could see no squirells as I walked past the cemetery. Maybe they've all joined together and formed one giant super-squirrel?


Friday, 28th April, 2006


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