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Hertford County Association
St Albans, Herts
Saturday, 29 September 2012 in 3h12 (21)
5088 Bristol Surprise Maximus
Composed by: James W Holdsworth
1. Phillip R J Barnes
2. Paul E Bibilo
3. Stephen W Penney
4. Susan L Apter
5. David C Brown (C)
6. Ian Roulstone
7. James Clatworthy
8. Bernard H Taylor
9. Claire F Roulstone
10. Andrew B Mills
11. Stephen A Coaker
12. Mark Regan
Rung with the best wishes of the band to Alan Flood for a full and speedy recovery from his recent surgery. Alan arranged the peal but was unable to ring although he was able to partake of half a pint of beer with the band afterwards!
5088 Bristol Surprise Maximus
James W Holdsworth
234567   M  N  W  H
64352    1        1 
56342          1    
54362       2*      
24365    s         
2 part. N=9ths. 2*=bs.
Contains 2 56s, 2 65s, 130 
little bell at the back, 
and 128 little bell at the front.