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Ancient Society of Efquire Drivelling Youths
Aston, Herts
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 6 November 2004 in 2h38 (11)
5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
1) The Great Gardini 2) Carlisle 3) Wells 4) Beverley 5) Cambridge 6) Norwich 7) Surfleet
1. Jillian E Galloway
2. Stephen W Penney
3. Ian O Partridge
4. Richard A Smith
5. Philip J Earis (C)
6. Colin M Parker
Rung prior to the happy-clappy wedding service of Aston ringer Peter 'The Great Gardini' Gardner and Helen Worf.

The Great Gardini: x56x14x12x36.41x34.16-16