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Tuesday, 28th August, 2012
I thought I'd have a go at making a couple of Bacon Explosions for a bbq yesterday. Naturally, I photographed each step:

1. Bacon weaves made. Any trimmed bacon is thrown in a frying pan.

2. Weaves are covered in BBQ rub (Tesco's own).

3. About 20 sausages have their meat removed and spread over the weaves (I couldn't find any appropriate sausage meat).

4. The fried bacon is chopped into bits and spread over the top with BBQ sauce (Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce) and more of the rub.

5. The sausage meat is rolled up and the ends pinched down.

6. The weaves are rolled up and sealed at the ends.

Before cooking I added more of the BBQ sauce and rub. Unfortunately they were so delicious that they were eaten before I could take any photos of the finished product!