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Saturday, 3rd April, 2010
First post in ages

Aaagh, it's all gone a bit weird. Christ's biscuits. Where do I begin?

Ok, how do you feel about the forthcoming election? Ok, a change is good - but will it be the right change? A Tory government? A hung parliament? Both sound awful. Or it could be the turning point this country so desparately needs. A handy and contrived metaphor for the rest of my life.

First of all, this is probably (statistically likely that is, seing as my last post was almost 18 months ago) my last post via In their infinite wisdom, they've decided to disable posting via ftp, which is pretty much how the blog part of this site works. So it's up to me to devise some clever strategy of keeping this site alive. Probably involving some sort of twitter feed, or something. We'll see.

In other news, my time is being taken up by work (honestly), Welsh Colleges (exciting new developments to the website coming soon), and the St Albans District newsletter (the last year I'm doing this). But more and more so by being Deputy Master of the St Albans Cathedral Society of Change Ringers. This is due to a) The Master of the St Albans Cathedral Society of Change Ringers (my father) having undergone coronary artery bypass surgery this year, exposing pre-exisitng Parkisons in the process, pretty much meaning I've taken on that role myself, b) An already minimal band being exacerbated by the sad and sudden death of one of our ringers and c) The existing bells being removed just after Easter, and a new ring of bells being installed in time for Christmas.

Oh yeah, and despite my brain's limitations, I'm going to move on from Smith's to Chandler's (bellringy stuff to those that are wondering).

So the year so far has been painful yet exciting, and looks to be hard work yet rewarding. Dr Who is looking to be excellent. This post brought to you with the aid of a bottle of Trapache Sauvignon Blanc. I love you all.