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Thursday, 22nd September, 2005
Peal Tour

From 5th - 10th September I was away on John Ford's annual peal tour, which this year was based in Leamington Spa.

Spent the morning listening to the peal of Leatherhead, and learning methods for the rest of the tour.
In the afternoon we rang Claybrooke S Major at Claybrooke for over an hour or so before a clapper fell out.

Two peals today, the Warwickshire in the morning wasn't nearly as boring as it looked, and had lots of nice music off the front to enjoy.
The afternoon's peal of 8-spliced was stood up by request after about 45 minutes, as the ropes were too springy to achieve good striking on.

Spent the morning looking around the Heritage Motor Centre while a peal of Rutland was rung (rather them than me).
I wussed out in the peal of minor in the afternoon and rang the treble.

A fairly lazy morning started at 10.30 when we left Leamington to listen to some of the Knowle Surprise Major at Knowle. It had been miscalled shortly before we arrived, though.
After significantly more pottering around and listening to the cricket, I called a peal of London at Fillongley in the afternoon.

Another two peals for me today, but the four spliced at Monks Kirkby was lost after about an hour of good ringing. An enjoyable peal of Bristol followed in the afternoon.

A late night was followed by an early morning in order to settle up at the B&B and be in Daventry for a 9.30 start. My headache didn't stop me enjoying the peal, although I could have done without the 3 hour crawl through traffic on the way home!


Wednesday, 14th September, 2005

A couple of minor updates to the webpage - the webcam has returned, now with the slighly more interesting view from my new flat. You can click on the image to get a (slighly) larger image.
Also, in the box below it, I've added a "Visitor Log" link. This is courtesy of, which uses Google Maps to show where the visitors to this site are based.


Monday, 12th September, 2005
Lake District

From 14th August I visited the lake district for a few days with friends David and Richard. I'd got the day off work for my birthday on the 16th anyway, so rather than spend it sitting at home I thought I'd surround myself with some of the superb scenery the area has to offer.

We ascended fifteen peaks in total:

Sunday: Loughrigg
Monday: Pike of Stickle, Loft Crag, Harrison Stickle, Thunacar Knott, High Raise, Pavey Ark
Tuesday: Wetherlam, Swirl How, Great Carrs, Brim Fell, Coniston Old Man, Dow Crag
Wednesday: Wansfell, Red Screes

I also took quite a few photos.