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Tuesday, 15th June, 2004

I used to have a smokey amp that I bought from However, after a couple of years of owning it, disaster struck and one of the battery leads broke off. Looking inside the miniamp, the battery connections are well hidden, and I decided the only appropriate course of action was to remove all the casing and the copious amounts of glue to get to the circuit board. This meant destroying the cigarette box shell, but as it was useless without doing this, it was the only thing to do, despite my doubts about my soldering skills.
So it sat in my drawer for about three months, in pieces and useless, until I could find an empty fag box to use to build a new shell. As I don't smoke, this could take a while.
However, last night I was trying to think of some way of getting my webcam more permanently fixed in the right direction, so I don't have to constantly get it pointing out of the window rather than down at the windowsill, and I started to wonder if I could use the Terry's "egg and spoon" egg box that I was given at Easter.
It turned out it wouldn't work, so I set about modifying it for use with my miniamp - I cut two holes for the sockets, and one for the speaker, and glued the speaker in place. Then I soldered the battery connectors back on with surprising sucess.


Amazingly it now works as well as it did before - here's the intro to "Some might say" that I recorded using it tonight. So there we have it - (probably) the world's only guitar amp within an egg box. Rock (and indeed) on.