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Thursday, 26th February, 2004
Error message of the week

I've never had a "catastrophic" error before when trying to save a word document.

It still saved my document ok, so whatever the problem was it can't have been all that catastrophic.


Saturday, 14th February, 2004
I've added a compositions page, which includes all the compositions I've rung to peals.
Here are quick links to the individual pages:

Triples and Major
Caters and Royal
Cinques and Maximus


Monday, 9th February, 2004
You'd think the editors of the WH Smith GB Road Atlas would be a bit more careful about the where they place their gridlines:

A bit unfortunate for the residents of Cuckoo's Nest. fuckoos_ne69 sounds like someone's hotmail address.

I forgot to mention that this was noticed by Gail a few weeks ago on our way back from Chester. I'm not nearly observant enough to have noticed something like this myself.