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Tuesday, 1st April, 2003
Close of Competition

The competition is now closed, and I can now exclusively (of course it's going to be exclusively, I'm the one running the competition) reveal that the answer is that Iain Thompson owns, which obviously I'd quite like. I've emailed him to find out, amoung other things, why he's got the website with this name, but haven't heard back from him. So if you're reading this Iain, email me.

The winner is YAH, who says: "I'm thrilled, just thrilled, to have won the teastrainer, can you tell how thrilled I am? I'm so excited I can't think what to do with it - but I'm tempted to have it stuffed and mounted. Rest assured it will all be done in the best possible taste!".

So congratulations to YAH. I should also mention Jim and Heather, who both sent in more suggestions than anyone else put together, and both receive a consolation prize of - a mention on this website.
There'll be more equally as exciting competitions in the (probably distant) future.