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Tuesday, 23rd July, 2002
Spent last night stuffing envelopes, so I could get all the tour sheets for the up and coming Welsh Colleges summer tour to the Vale of Pewsey. Will be cycling there over two days, so this time next week I'll be somewhere between St Albans and Oxford.


Monday, 22nd July, 2002
Was up in Leicester this weekend, where we rang the first peal of Percy's Tea Strainer Treble Place Royal. We also rang a quarter of PTS Max - the first blows in the method!


Thursday, 11th July, 2002
And the winners are...

David Edgar and Cairngorm J. McWomble who both sent me the correct answer this morning. The original motto was:

"I don't really know what I'm doing"

Quite apt really, considering my appalling translation. Some FaberMaunsell Mints and a FaberMaunsell Pen are on their way to you both, congratulations.

Keep an eye on this page for more exciting competitions with equally naff prizes in the coming months.


Wednesday, 10th July, 2002
Competition update

No-one's really got even close yet - so I've had another crack at it. Turns out I managed to give one of the words almost the complete opposite meaning to what I wanted....
Here's the second attempt - keep those guesses coming!

"Ego nescio profecto quid ego effectus"


Friday, 5th July, 2002

I decided I needed a motto. Actually, to be honest, I though of a phrase and decided it should be my motto. Like all good mottos, it should be in (or at least be translated into) Latin. I don't know why, but most seem to be....
Unfortunately, I don't know much Latin (hardly any infact), and so I looked to the web. I couldn't find any websites that would translate the whole phrase for me, only individual words, so I had to make do. I translated each word individually, combined a couple to save myself time, and put them all together. As you can imagine, it doesn't make much sense anymore, but here it is:

"Ego ignarus quid ego quiesco"

So here's the challenge: translate it back into English again for me! The closest to the original meaning will win you a prize of some description. I haven't yet decided what the the prize will be, it may only be a virtual prize. Whatever it is, I can guarantee it won't be very good, you probably won't even want it, but at least you'll have the satisfaction of winning.

Email me with your suggestions.


Thursday, 4th July, 2002
IWD Generator

Those of you on the bellringing email lists may like to save yourselves an awful lot of time by using the IWD Generator. All your IWD email needs in one handy website, courtesy of Mark Davies (no relation, apparently).