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5076 Erin Caters - Alexander E Holroyd

5076 Erin Caters
Alexander E Holroyd
 738495162   (a)
 975318642   (b)
 198765432   (b)
 615948372   (b)
 468135792   (b)
 345678912   (b) 

 (a) =  s1.s6.s9.10.s12.13 (14 sixes)
 (b) =  s1.6.s9.10.14.15 (16 sixes)

Contains rounds, queens, tittums, their reversals,
all cyclic rotations thereof, and all rows obtained
from the above rows by permuting the front 3 bells.
Rung at Tamworth (St Editha) on 14-10-12 conducted by Stephen W Penney